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Anyway is a family of versatile varnished wood objects, able to adapt to different purposes and environments: stool, bedside table, coffee table, seat, support, turning also into a bookcase by stacking them one on top of the other. 

The project was born on the occasion of the competition Italian Design Day 2020 "The design: a journey from Italy to Spain", aimed at young creatives and Spanish students under 35 years old, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Madrid, the Consulate General in Barcelona and the magazine Interni. 

Pablo Sinan Akgül Garcimartín,Blanca Galán Merino

קובץ להורדה: Anyway Data sheet מסוג pdf, בגודל 174 KB
Anyway Data sheet (174 KB)
קובץ להורדה: Anyway Catalogue מסוג pdf, בגודל 9 MB
Anyway Catalogue (9 MB)

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